One app for your dog training business to help you Follow-Up. Organize.  Communicate.  Automate. Get More Reviews. Sell.  Grow.

Nurture leads & customer relationships better while driving more sales and business growth. Canine Pro CRM provides a suite of marketing automation tools and integrations you need to stay in touch and relevant with today’s distracted consumers– all from a singular platform.

CRM for Dog Training Businesses

Built Exclusively For Busy Dog Trainers.

Canine Pro In A NutShell....

Canine Pro is a lead management CRM for dog trainers that helps you grow your dog training business by helping you close more leads, keeping you organized, and helping your business increase reviews and traffic while eliminating repetitive tasks that your doing using automation allowing you to focus on more important business growth projects.

Additional Key Features

Automated Text & Email Drips
Canine Pro automatically follows up with every lead that comes fast so you don't have to do it manually!
Sales Pipeline
Stay organized with every lead and customer that comes in. Know exactly what stage that lead is in.
Increase Reviews by 20%
Grow your Google, Facebook or Yelp reviews instantly by 20% each month with our review automation system.
Connect Your Team
Assign team members specific customers that you want them to communicate with.
One Inbox
Connect all of your marketing channels into Canine Pro allowing you to only have to manage one inbox.
Desktop and Mobile App
Login via both desktop and app.
Create Invoices & Collect Payments
Send instant invoices for collecting deposits and payments from your clients.
Need clients to sign contract agreements? Create E-Signature documents fast for clients to sign & instantly get notified.
Built-In Calendar
Manage a team calendar, schedule appointments and reminders.

Never Manually Follow Up Again.

Canine Pro automates the process of not only getting a new lead but automatically responding to every new lead via text and email.

Easily & Effectively Communicate With Leads & Customers

Canine Pro automates the process of not only getting a new lead but automatically responding to every new lead via text and email.

2-Way Texting

Respond and text back and forth with customers. They’re receive a normal text on their end.

Send Photos and Video

Send your clients photos and videos of their dog while in training.

Clients Can Reply To Automated Messages.

When automated “drip” messages are sent and a leads responds, you can jump right into the conversation.

IPhone & Android Compatible.

Download our CRM app on any phone device.

Receive Instant Alerts Via Text

Instantly receive text alerts when new leads come in allowing fast response.

Connect Your Entire Team

Monitor & oversee your entire teams engagement with your customers at a glance.

Separate Business & Personal.

Keep your work and personal email, calls and text messages separate!

Push Notifications

Receive instant notifications when both new and current leads reply.

Close More Leads With Less Effort Using Automation

Canine Pro CRM can help you convert 2-3 times more of your dog training leads using fast, automated lead follow-up.  Canine Pro instantly reaches out and communicates with your new leads in under 5 minutes automatically for you to help get the lead to engage.

Automatic Nurture Follow-Up System

Are leads not responding? Don't have time to follow up? Canine Pro's automatic follow-up system will help take over by reaching back out to your leads that didn't turn into customers over the coming days helping to increase conversions even more!

Connect Your Entire Team.

If you are currently managing multiple trainers in your business, Canine Pro allows you to sync up all of your trainers into one easy-to-manage inbox. This allows you to oversee all communication that's being done with your trainers and clients from all text message to voice calls ensuring that proper communication is being done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more help? Read more about Canine Pro and how it helps dog training businesses.

Canine Pro is a lead management CRM built for dog trainers and dog training businesses alike. 

Yes, there is no special setup required. Get instantly set up and running in minutes.  Canine Pro can be connected to any website platform: WordPress, Godaddy, Wix, Squarespace, etc.

Canine Pro, out of the box is set up and ready once installed. Our pre-installed automated follow up messages use both SMS and email when sent to leads. These automated messages trigger based on certain action the lead does or does not do. As an example all new leads receive an instant follow automated text that’s written to get the lead to engage back. Over the coming days the system is designed to follow up with cold or ghosted leads and automatically stops if they respond. All automated messages can be customized to your liking and style. 

A “drip” is a delayed scheduled email or SMS. A “drip” message can be delayed minutes, hours or days depending on which follow-up is triggered.

The entire system is 100% customizable to your business.

Canine Pro will help you close more leads each month using our automated lead follow up system. Did you know you can increase conversion rates (aka leads that turn into actual customers) upwards of 80% when following up with them 5+ times adequately? As a busy dog trainer/owner there is no way you have the time to do this with every lead. Canine Pro is your virtual lead follow up assistant. 

In addition to that, staying organized with your leads and customers is crucial. Canine Pro’s CRM helps you organize every lead so you know where they stand in your sales pipe line. 

How would you like to grow your Google reviews by 20% each month automatically! Reviews help drive in more business, create more authority toward your brand and even help with SEO ranking in Google. Canine Pro’s built-in review requesting automation helps reach out to every customer that’s completed training to collect a positive 5-star review.

Yes, our techs will help you up during onboarding. 

Yes, we offer a 2 month trial completely free.

There is no set up fee, we offer a month to month service, you can cancel anytime plus we offer a free trial. You literally have nothing to lose. 

Canine Pro CRM Professional

Unlimited Users, Lead Management CRM, 2-Way SMS, & More
$ 297 Monthly / $500 One Time Set Up Fee
  • Built For Dog Trainers
  • Full Lead Management CRM & Pipeline
  • Close More Leads
  • Automate Repetitive Tasks (Invoicing, Scheduling, Follow-Up)
  • Increase Google & Facebook Reviews
  • Oversee Your Entire Teams Communication To Customers

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